• Crystalusion has come out with a liquid screen and phone protector that’ll keep your phone crystal clean (sorry).

    Crystalusion has released a phone protector that will end all others. The standout feature is that there is no piece of plastic that demands careful application and care. Just a liquid wipe that will coat your phone in ‘Crystalusion’, which will protect your screen 600% better than your average screen protector.

    The benefits of Crystalusion are:

    • 100% invisible and bubble-free – ensuring your device maintains its premium look and feel without changing its appearance.
    • Resistance to abrasion – prevent everyday scratches from keys and coins (ASTM Diamond tested).
    • Oleophobicity – making it easy to clean any grease or fingerprints from the device.
    • Hydrophobicity – water cannot penetrate the Crystalusion™ layer (this doesn’t make the device waterproof).
    • Antibacterial – ensuring that bacteria cannot grow and multiply on your device no matter where it has been.

    With the rapid rise in popularity of tablets and phablets, applying a screen protector has become less of a DIY job. Plastic polyurethane screen protectors offer little remorse when things go wrong during the application process.

    The main appeal for Crystalusion is using your shiny new device how the manufacturer intended. The last thing you want is to purchase a brand new device after being wowed by the conference, only for you to be frustrated by hiding it in a clunky case. Corning (the folks behind Gorilla Glass) put a lot of effort into their glass technology, so it’s always a shame having to slap on an ugly tempered glass protector, altering the intended interaction with your new smartphone.

    Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection retails at £7.99 in Sainsburys and available online.

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