• There seems to remain one constant on the App Store – Angry Birds will be number one in the charts. It’s starting to feel like no game will ever knock Rovio’s casual masterpiece off the top spot.

    You shouldn’t discount Chillingo’s knack for picking up exciting iPhone games that sell in their millions though – it is the company that published Angry Birds in the first place after all.

    Cut the Rope is another simple physics puzzler, this time involving cutting ropes (would you believe) so that a sweet drops into the mouth of an adorable creature called an Om Nom. His expression of sadness when you miss the target will break your heart.

    Like Angry Birds it’s the combination of charm, cuteness, simplicity of play, and speed that makes Cut the Rope fun to play. It won’t last as long as the former, but the experience is still fully worth the asking price.

    Rating: 5 out of 5

    Platform iPhone

    Price 59p

    From App Store

    Publisher Chillingo

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