• Dropbox is beta testing a new service with developers that will sync additional information, such as settings, contacts and saved games on apps, between all the devices their customers use. Dropbox currently offers both free and paid services to store data for customers who can then grant others access to this data as and when they want.

    The new system, called Datastore API, will allow users to access even more data from any of their devices using a cloud system, giving Dropbox the potential to compete with Apple’s iCloud.

    Datastore API will allow developers to sync not only data like contacts and files but also information such as game saves and app settings. If a user makes change when they do not have an internet connection the changes will be saved on the device they are using and updated when the user is next able to connect online.

    Today’s release was a beta test and there is no information so far on when a full version can be expected.

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