• Aumeo Audio is looking for people to support its unique device which aims to completely personalise the audio listening experience for each individual user.

    All of our senses are perceptive, meaning they differ according to each person. Whether it be taste, smell, sight or hearing, everyones personal experiences with them is subtly different to the next.

    With this in mind, wouldn’t it be great if there were devices which personalised the experience according to our individual attributes? Well, Aumeo Audio agrees and that’s why they’re releasing a special device which analyses your hearing for maximum enjoyment.



    Sitting in-between your smart device and headphones, this unassuming, little square box measures your personalised audio profile, which is created when you respond to a series of tones on the accompanying iOS or Android app.

    Once you’ve gone through the setup procedure and had your hearing analysed, the device will then tailor its frequencies according to each ear, letting you hear all the nuances in your songs.

    It’s got support for both Bluetooth wireless and wired playback, thanks to a 3.5mm headphone jack. Although it’s yet another peripheral that needs to be added into the chain, it’s small and light enough that you probably won’t be too bothered about lugging it around. Compared to smartphone amplifiers such as the Fiio e18, it’s a grain of sand.

    Still, the main selling of this device is its unique feature. There’s nothing on the market quite like it and it should be interesting to see if it can actually enhance the audio experience beyond subtle gimmickry. If you’re an audiophile desperate to enhance your experience, you can pre-order one from indiegogo for US$100.


    Thomas Wellburn

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    Thomas Wellburn
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