• The Mixcder E9 – Cost £73.91 from Mixcder.com

    Mixcder is a new brand we have not seen before at What Mobile so we are always keen to try a new brand.  The Mixcder E9 headphones are a pair of budget headphones that are of an overhead design and with ANC Technology ( Active Noise Cancellation).  

    So first impression the box like the headphones are not screaming at you in terms of design you get a nice black box with the blue text and the outline of the headphones on the front. To the side it shows the main features you get with the E9 Headphones which are:

    • ANC
    • 30 Hour Playtime
    • 40mm large drivers
    • Wireless/Wired connection
    • Adjustable/ Foldable Design
    • Hard Shell Carry Case

    Open the box and you get a nice black headshell case ideal for travel and open the case and the headphones look great and also have the following accessories:

    • User guide with multiple languages
    • Aeroplane adaptor
    • 3.5mm audio cable
    • Micro USB to USB cable
    • Thank You / Extended Warranty flyer  

    The headphones really look nice and very sleek looking with very soft and comfortable ear pads that cover the whole ears and a leather cushioned headband.

    They weigh only half a pound which is not very heavy at all. These headphones are wireless via Bluetooth technology with the ability to turn into wired headphones with the use of the 3.5mm audio cable given.  The headphones are also adjustable and what makes these different you can see the level of adjustment see the image below.

    The headphones can also swivel and fold for storing if you don’t have the case with you. The controls are as follows.  The left cup has the volume/ Track control buttons, Micro USB port & multifunction button that are used for power, play/pause and used to answer and end a call.  The right cup is much simpler with just the 3.5 mm audio jack and the ANC switch.

    These headphones have 30 hours of playtime without the use of ANC or 24 hours with ANC from a full battery and this is done but the Bluetooth connection which is generally good but with only a 30 foot range which means you might not be able to leave your phone in one place and move from room to room but I don’t see that as a major issue as I generally never leave my phone and just disappear. As mentioned the battery is very impressive but what is also impressive is the fast charge option. Charge for 30 min and get 10 hours of charge and this is done by the micro USB to USB cable.

    Sound wise these headphones have ANC technology designed to block outside noise and they are not that bad at doing that job. They are not perfect or even compete with the likes of Skullcandy Venue’s ANC but they get rid of the majority of constant noise like an air conditioning unit. Where the ANC fails a little is for random loud noises when travelling down the street.  Sound quality they are good but there is room for improvement the lows are very good but the mids and highs come across muddy at times and the bass is acceptable. The vocals on music like Faya Ridings “ You mean the world to me” can sometimes sound a little distant but to the untrained ear for the price, they are very good.

    When taking calls its very simple to do press the multifunction button and you get a good clear sound I have been told by these I had conversations the only feedback I got was at times I did sound a little distant.

    So overall these are very nice they come well presented and if you have read my previous reviews am a sucker for a carry case as I love to keep my headphones in perfect condition. The spec of these headphones for the cost (£73.91) is impressive especially the 30-hour charge and fast charge ability. These headphones are very comfortable considering you have a leather cushioned headband and ear cups which for that price range can be hit or miss. The ANC is decent for the cost as so is the Bluetooth range they did get interrupted on my travel to work on the odd occasion but at this price range, I can allow that. So for £54.99 if you’re looking for a mid-range pair of headphones with a budget price tag give Mixcder a try and I look forward to seeing what else they have coming in the range.

    The Mixcder E9 – Cost £73.91 from Mixcder.com

    The Mixcder E9 Headphones
    • Design
    • Build Quality
    • Sound Quality
    • ANC Quality
    • Value for Money

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