• Another month, another batch of Samsung products. That’s how the Korean giant does it – they keep the production line rolling to ensure that there’s always something new on the lips of the consumer, always relevant.

    Cynics can lower their guard just this once though, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S range has some rather attractive new devices within it.

    The Galaxy Tab S is remarkably thin and places the technical emphasis on outstanding picture quality. At just 6.6mm in depth it’s almost a full millimetre thinner than the iPad Air, and nearly as thin as the stunning Sony Xperia Z2 tablet.

    Galaxy Tab S 10.5_inch_Dazzling White_1

    At  2560 x 1600 in resolution (that’s double-HD, or ‘2K’) it’s the sharpest tablet in its size – it comes in both 8.4 and 10.5-inch forms. They use Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology too, so as to provide the ‘ultimate viewing experience’. AMOLED offers a richer range of colours and a much greater contrast range than traditional LCD, meaning a theoretically better picture for cinephiles. Its sizeable 4,900mAh battery should last you for 10 hours of continuous movie-viewing as well, claims Samsung.

    It’s processor is equally impressive, too – an Exynos 5 Octa-core processor. By utilising two quad-core processors (1.9 GHz and 1.4 GHz respectively) in tandem, it can choose when it needs to use both and when it can afford to drop down to a lower state of processing power, thus saving battery life. There’s 3GB of RAM too, so it can definitely handle anything you’d care to throw at it.

    Galaxy Tab S 10.5_inch_Dazzling White_9_top side

    There’s 16GB of in-built storage with microSD card expansion of up to 128GB, and you have the choice of 4G LTE-enabled or Wi-Fi only models in both sizes – just be prepared to add an extra £100 to the price if you want the former.

    Speaking of price, they’ll set you back   £349 and £449 depending on which size you want – that’s the same price as the latest iPad, but with newer and better specs. Unlike the iPad you get a choice of two colours – ‘Dazzling’ white and ‘Titanium’ bronze.

    You do get a little extra for that money though, courtesy of Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts app. With the new Tab S you’ll get a whole year of free Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi access, a year’s subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek, six months of subscription to both the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, and three-month subscriptions to the New York Times, Sirius XM Radio and Audible. Not bad array of offerings, if a little esoteric for some.

    The new Galaxy Tab S range is set to launch some time in July, so keep your eyes peeled on What Mobile and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

    Galaxy Tab S 10.5_inch

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