• In this modern world of simulating driving games that trade in the fun for tyre pressure levels, it’s always a pleasant surprise to meet one so unhinged as Reckless Racing.

    Taking the form of a top-down racer in the mould of Micro Machines, Reckless Racing is all about skidding out as fast as you can around the bends without pushing your vehicle too hard.

    The physics are spot on – pitched perfectly between exciting and predictable – while the various control schemes, stunning graphics, and a fantastic multiplayer mode keep things exciting to play.

    The only runt in this litter of features is the lack of tracks, coming in at a measly five (plus mirrored versions).

    Reckless Racing may not be the longest game on the Market, but it’s more than capable of producing a few ‘yee-haws’ while it lasts.

    Rating: 4 out of 5

    Platform Android

    Price US$2.99

    From Android Market

    Publisher EA Mobile

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