• D-Link COVR-2202 AC2200 Tri‑Band Whole Home Mesh Wi‑Fi System Available for £231.52 from Amazon

    D-Link is a brand that we have covered a number of there home security products but they also produce Wi-Fi systems designed to make your Wi-Fi Signal even better so lets what all the fuss is about. The D-Link Covr 2202 AC2200 costs £231.52 from Amazon and D-Link claim this will give you good Wi-Fi coverage 24/7 in every part of your home.

    .When I first got this Wi-Fi system I knew exactly where to give this a test my girlfriend’s house for some reason is shocking when it comes to Wi-Fi signal so I thought a booster like this would fix all our problems. Opening the packing I was impressed with how it looked you get 2 tower shaped products that are 90 x 100 x 200 millimetres in size. With one of the towers having t sticker with Covr Point A which I will explain why later.  Also in the box is quick to install card, warranty information and an RJ-45 ethernet cable. The towers feature a logo on both with a light behind the logo making these nice to look at.

    In terms of setting up as mentioned, you get 2 tower pieces and the one marked point A you need to make sure that is set up next to your modem and the second tower needs to be where you want a Wi-Fi Boost in this case we placed the second in the living room. Each tower has two-gigabit ethernet ports that are used for cabled connections. Other features on the towers include:

    • six internal antennas;
    • WPS available and two LAN ports.
    • (400 + 866 Mbps) tri-band device that supports satellite, FTTP, fixed wireless, and cable connection.
    • Wi-Fi radios reach up to 866 Mbps [5Ghz] x2 or up to 400 Mbps [2.4Ghz] and its Wi-Fi standard is 802.11 ac
    • Wave-2 tri-band wireless.
    • MU MIMO technology to give you a more efficient and faster wireless network.

    On Point A you will use one of the ports to connect to your modem using the RJ45 ethernet cable. Setting up this device is quite easy as with all D-Link products you are given a quick install card it will help you download the app or you can simply find it in the app store if you wish. Once downloaded follow the steps such as install new device it will ask you to scan the QR code this gives you the network access point and passwords. I have to admit I found this painful as it would not work properly so I manually entered the information. Once done it will ask you to create your own password and this was a nice touch on a security point of view.  

    Last but not least make sure the second device is plugged in and the orange light becomes white you’re finished setting up. In our testing, we did notice wi-fi on our phones become 10 times faster than before and we noticed a real improvement. However, we wanted to also use this device to increase the internet speed on our skybox and the D-Link Covr 2202 AC2200 has failed at this request. However, am still looking into options as to why this was the case. However, increasing speed for our mobile phones this and my laptop this did it perfectly.

    So overall, we were happy with the overall performance of this product it did improve the speed in the house for most devices apart from the internet speed for the TV which I am still looking into. However, with a coverage area of 560 sqm and the fact it even worked through the walls we have in the house providing improved performance of your current Wi-Fi speed meaning no more dead zones and they look good. My only concern with this at £231 it might put some people off but trust me you will only have to buy this once.

    D-Link COVR-2202 AC2200 Tri‑Band Whole Home Mesh Wi‑Fi System
    • Design
    • Features
    • Performance
    • User Friendly
    • Value for Money

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