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    xperia x review


    Sony are back with the Xperia X, a rebirth in name but its still essentially the same Sony device we’ve seen year in, year out. 

    I’m a massive fan of Sony, my TV, games consoles, laptop (at one point) were all Sony devices because Sony are associated with quality long lasting products, which have a deep place in my heart. Recently I can’t say I’ve been a massive fan of Sony’s smartphones, the recent Z5 and Z4 didn’t set the world alight. So when Mobile World Congress came around and Sony announced the rebirth of their flagship range, I was genuinely excited to get to grips with what they had to offer.

    Sony has dropped the Xperia Z moniker and rebranded their entire flagship line Xperia X, this was their chance to do what Samsung did so well. Redesign from the ground up, bring new innovations to the table and retain what fans loved. But it just seems Sony went on a naming carousel with Lenovo and swapped letters. Lenovo got off the carousel and introduced the innovative Moto Z range, whereas Sony remained on the proverbial carousel, endlessly spinning around, getting nowhere.

    A lot of weird decisions have been made since the Xperia X was announced. First of all the marketing has been poor with many, including us, were led to believe that the Xperia X range was to be released alongside the Xperia Z range. The spec sheet we thought corroborated this thought as none of the Xperia X devices use Qualcomm’s latest and greatest, the Snapdragon 820 at the time.

    To add even more confusion, the Xperia X has a baffling high price, retailing  for £459. For such a high-end price, what are you paying for? Let’s find out.

    Technical Details

    OS Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
    Processor Snapdragon 650
    Screen 5.0-inches
    Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels (565 DPI)
    Memory 3GB RAM
    Storage 32GB
    Micro SD compatible Yes, up to 200GB
    Rear camera 12MP
    Front camera 5MP
    Video 1080p
    Connectivity WiFi, 4G, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth
    Dimensions 146 x 72 x 9mm
    Weight 161g
    Battery 3,000 mAh

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