• We all remember the phrase, “There’s an app for that” which came from Apple’s 3G iPhone commercial. While not everyone may be an Apple fan, we can’t deny the truth of the phrase. There are apps for almost everything. So, when it comes to promoting your mobile app, there needs to be a great marketing strategy in place.

    Getting your mobile app to stand out will take some time and effort. However, using terrific content can be just the ticket for getting your app the attention it deserves. Here are some of the most successful ways to promote your mobile app through content marketing.

    Start a blog

    Blog posts about new apps are very well on the internet. Especially now that most readers are likely to be browsing content from their phones. Regularly sharing updates or information on tech topics will help make you a niche expert.

    Blog posts from niche experts are a great way to gain your audience’s interest without feeling too sales-driven. Furthermore, developing an effective content marketing strategy will drive traffic to your site. Readers will be interested to learn about the app in connection to the topics you have written about

    Plus, don’t hesitate to collaborate with experienced writers. We often underestimate the value of a well-written text. There are now many startup writing services like WoWGrade.net that hire niche writers, which allows your business to ensure a constant flow of well-penned, relevant articles from top writers.

    Use social media

    This seems like a no-brainer as everyone is on social media today. However, to have a noticeable effect, social media has to be done well. Avoid copying and pasting content. Do your best to customize your content to each individual platform you use.

    Also, it’s vital to share actually interesting content. You want your audience to be intrigued, not bored. Ensure that the content you have is click-worthy and share-worthy, too. Most importantly, engage your audience. Audience engagement is the most significant benefit social media offers. 

    Be visual

    Catching people’s attention today is no easy feat. Although images, teasers, and videos people can see on their phones help make that possible. Your app’s download landing page is a great place to add some visual pizzazz.

    Of course, be sure that the app you wish to promote is definite before investing time and money in a video. Once you’re sure this is the correct version, feel free to create a captivating video. Place that video on the landing page before the app launches and watch user numbers soar.

    Start a YouTube or Vimeo channel

    In the same visual vein of thought, a YouTube or Vimeo channel is a great way to promote your app. YouTube, in particular, is very popular and has users streaming hundreds of hours of video every day. Cash in on those eager viewers by creating relevant videos.

    These videos can be how-to series, reviews of the latest gadgets, industry news updates, or even user-created content. The most important thing is to post content regularly. Remember to use hashtags to increase your visibility on social media, as well.

    Work on ASO

    ASO, or app store optimization, is a fantastic way to promote your mobile app. Ensure that prospective users perceive your app positively from their phones. Optimize your title and descriptions to be found faster in searches.

    In terms of visual appeal, you can also adjust your icon and any screenshots you include. Tech-lovers are generally hesitant to download apps that have dicey graphics. Making these small adjustments to your app store presence can boost your downloads.

    Get writing

    Becoming a guest blogger on a popular tech website can be a fantastic promotion for your app. While you are sharing your expertise on current topics and gadgets, you will build an audience. That audience is likely also to be interested in your app.

    Anyone who is particularly intrigued in your writing will be happy to read your biography. Most blogs allow you to include a link, so you can always link back to your app. That outbound link will help attract possible users to your mobile app website.

    Answer questions

    Websites like Quora.com are an internet gathering place for people looking for guidance. You can take advantage of this community by answering questions and promoting your app at the same time. Answering the right questions create buzz around your app.

    However, take care not to be too self-promotional. You don’t want to rub the Quora community the wrong way. Answer questions honestly and openly. Be sure to include your app name on your profile.

    Give out freebies

    You’d be lying if you said you didn’t like free things. App users love freebies, too! Think of some from free gifts you can offer users.

    Free trials, for example, are a great way to build trust. Users get to use apps on their phones for a specific amount of time to decide if they like them. Within the given timeframe, you can work to build a relationship and reel them in.

    Offer discounts

    People like to feel like they are saving money. Saving money makes you feel smart, and who doesn’t want to feel smart? If your app uses in-app purchases, consider offering a discount.

    These discounts can occur on special days or for special occasions. Users who love a bargain are likely to tell their friends (or followers) about the deal. You’ll most likely see a peak in mobile downloads on discount days.


    Contests are a great way to generate buzz for your mobile app. Companies use them to draw attention to new gadgets, phones, and of course, their latest apps. Run a contest for prospective users to win.

    Conversely, you can also join a contest. There are plenty of app discovery services that offer “App of the Day” contests. Getting featured in a contest like this can help expose your mobile app to new audiences.


    Utilizing AdWords to promote your app can be useful if you have time to dedicate to it. Unfortunately, this promotional strategy requires a little bit of time every day. Campaigns have to be adjusted regularly.

    Also, this is only recommended if you’ve nailed down your keywords. If you haven’t quite got your keywords down, it might not be the best tool. Still, you can keep it on the backburner for future use.

    User-generated content

    This has to be the easiest way to promote your mobile app. So easy, in fact, that all you have to do is share! Happy users like to leave reviews of gadgets and apps they love. When your users share comments, videos and testimonials be sure to share them, as well. You will be providing social proof and strengthening relationships at the same time. Also, prospective users will appreciate other user’s opinions.

    To sum up

    There are plenty of great ways for you to promote your mobile app with content marketing. You can be as creative, funny or personal as you like. Although, remember to strive for consistency. Your content marketing strategy should be streamlined, not helter-skelter.

    Strive to generate content that builds a community and connects users to you. When users feel inspired by your app and your content, they will be like a moth to the flame (or to their phones.) Your mobile app, in turn, will experience a considerable boost in popularity and downloads. Try some of these strategies today!

    Adriana Veasey

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