• Do you wish to become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant? If so, getting the relevant Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification in the area of your interest is quintessential. Once you gain the aforesaid certification, you can start your career as a Functional Consultant to work in Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. Microsoft certifications carry a great significance, especially in the IT world. Being Microsoft certified means that you have validated your technical skills in a particular area.

    Let us now discuss and understand Microsoft Dynamics 365, followed by the Functional Consultant role and its related exams.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 – A short intro

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics product line which was introduced in 2016 as a product of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). During the year 2017, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 line was presented in an all new way with Customer Relationship Management apps now being known as Customer Engagement Plan and the Enterprise Resource Planning app as Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Finance & Operations.

    Various Sectors Related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant

    Validating your skills in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and achieving certifications in the same can shape up your career in a fresh and exciting way where you will be working as a Functional Consultant. Once you have acquired the Microsoft certification known as Dynamics 365 for Field Service Functional Consultant, you can work in areas which include customer service, sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, etc.

    However, in this article, we discuss the two Microsoft Certification exams, that you have to pass in order to get a position of the Functional Consultant. 

    Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365 Field Service Functional Consultant

    Configuring Field Service app and arranging the IoT solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Functional Consultants apply and deliver solutions aimed at managing the field service lifecycle. To obtain the relevant credential, you have to pass two exams, they are MB-240 and MB-200.

    Let’s take a closer look at them.

    MB-200 Exam (BETA) – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Core

    The contenders for the exam need to have knowledge of bundled products, however, they chiefly work towards using and testing any changes in system, making use of new functionality as well as attributes, assembling the system for matching client requirements, and coming up with efficient ideas for solutions, migrating data from outer systems and few more tasks. It is important to mention that MB-200 exam serves as the first step towards such associate credentials as Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Functional Consultant and Dynamics 365 for Sales Functional Consultant.

    The skills that are measured under this exam are:

    • Execute planning, analysis & discovery
    • Arranging data as well as entities
    • Executing solutions usage as well as testing
    • Usage of security
    • Creating user experience design
    • Use of integration

    The candidates for MB-200 exam are also responsible for executing various design actions that pertain to the usage of fresh attributes as well as functionality. Also, they are responsible for using and testing any changes in the system. The exam costs $165, which is subject to change depending on the location from where the candidate is applying for.

    MB-240 Exam (BETA) – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

    MB-240 certification exam is especially meant for the role of functional consultants in the field service. The aspirants are expected to execute solutions that accomplish the whole field service lifecycle.

    The skills that are measured under this exam are:

    • Arranging apps for field service
    • Planning and delivering work orders
    • Managing and accomplish various field service work orders
    • Managing various assets
    • Arranging field service mobility
    • Accomplishing tasks related to buying & inventory

    The contenders of this exam are expected to use various field service methods that are designed with the joint effort of interior and exterior groups. These combined efforts comprise arranging the field service apps’ default administration, implementing the solutions related to IoT and making use of any required customization in the field service applications. The contenders are also expected to arrange and use the field service apps in conjunction with core customer service apps.

    How Examsnap Helps You Become Functional Consultant (in Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment)?

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    Microsoft updating is vital for your future career, as getting any position which implies working with Microsoft products and services requires from your definite skills. As for the Functional Consultant, you need to be savvy to work in Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment and complete the tasks successfully. But before getting the credential, you need to pass the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Certification exams. It’s possible, when you use one of the most trusted online study platforms like Examsnap in your preparation process.

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