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    With an all-glass front panel, the ZTE Blade V7 Lite looks like an attractive buy. From the front, you could be fooled for thinking that it has a bezel-less display, such is the size of that black screen. As it turns out, there’s another inner bezel several millimetres thick which you’ll only notice when the handset is turned on. It gives the device a deceptively impressive appearance and we were a little disappointed to find out it was only for show. Having those huge black borders around the side of the panel actually looks worse than having bezels, as it ruins the minimal design language that the ZTE Blade V7 Lite mostly gets right.

    A single circular button sits under the panel itself, glowing when you have an incoming notification. The other two buttons only illuminate under use, preferring to spend the rest of their time hidden away unless necessary. Above the panel, you’ll find the earpiece and front camera sensor, plus a proximity sensor and lamp The inclusion of the latter is always a welcome feature, as it makes those late night video calls to friends across the globe a little easier.

    The back and sides are both finished in aluminium, with power button and volume controls flanking either side of the device. There’s also a dual SIM tray, with the second port doubling as a microSD card reader. On the bottom, you’ll find a micro USB connector for plugging in the charging cable, while a headphone jack sits at the top. The back of the device features a ZTE at the bottom, with two speakers either side. As far as we could tell only the left one is functional, with the right speaker simply there for design symmetry. There’s also a fingerprint reader, which we’re happy to report feels snappy and responsive.

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    Thomas Wellburn
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