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    The screen is about what you’d expect from a budget device, with a 5.0-inch 720p panel equating to 293 pixels-per-inch. This is only slightly under the print standard, so pixelation should be pretty much unnoticeable. We found the colour reproduction of the panel to be very good, with no noticeable hues aside from a subtle red tint in the blue details. One thing that did disappoint us however was the evidence of heavy sharpening, which seemed to have the undesirable effect of obscuring fine details by introducing edge artefacts. It’s common for smartphone manufacturers to implement such features on lower resolution panels in an attempt to make them look more detailed, but the effect here is far too aggressive for our tastes. Screen brightness for the ZTE Blade V7 Lite seemed perfectly acceptable, with enough to see it under most outdoor conditions.


    Thomas Wellburn

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    Thomas Wellburn
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