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September 9, 2019

In the last couple of years, just like online casinos did, mobile casinos have reached dizzying new heights. The growth of mobile casinos has contributed over a whopping 15 percent of these years in the industry of gambling’s revenue. King Casino is also one of those sites that benefit with such growth

What is so funny about this too, is that most gamers did not see this coming from the mobile casino industry eight years ago.

But this is no bad thing. What happened however, to aid the growth of mobile casinos? In short, we have smart phones and apps, and we use these smart phones more than we use anything else in our day to day lives.

More people the ever before are turning to their smart phones to play games, specifically with casino gaming apps, than ever before. As many as 44 per cent of casino gamers in fact, and this can be seen when you check out the number of games in any given casino library. 

Gaming and mobile casinos 

Most online casinos have got more than 100 mobile games in their catalogue, and this figure is ever growing what with the rise of developers creating better games and software than ever before in order to meet demand.

This is a trend some what, but it is also worth mentioning that this influx in games and software developing is just a natural next step what with the technological advancements that the digital world now has to offer us.

It is also worth mentioning that this rise of online gaming has not just came about solely for the reason of our smart phones being the back bone of our lives. As the quantity of gaming has begun increasing at a steady pace, so has the quality.

With online casinos available through mobile for example, you can play a game on your phone that resembles the same quality of playing experience that you would have if you were to be playing that same game on your console, laptop, or desktop device. Great news for those of us who prefer to game on the go through our mobile phones. 

Social gaming 

Another thing that has aided the growth of mobile casinos comes down to our social media led lives. A decade or so ago, you would have had a real difficult time if you tried to track down a game which let you play with a multiplayer function, and multiplayer games themselves just didn’t seem to exist at all then.

This is less exciting of course, than playing with friends and sharing scores over social media and with each other.

Multiplayer gaming has been on the rise in casinos, with competitive games like live poker and black jack more available now than ever before via mobile, it only makes sense more people are drawn to these games than before.

Not only that, but it is cheaper to game on your mobile and through apps than it is going through an online website, as most of the time all that is required is a free download and you are good to go.

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