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October 9, 2019

  • The launch of Igloo Works marks the challenger supplier’s move into the smart home services market and the end of generic energy efficiency advice
  • Customers will receive highly personalised energy savings recommendations based on their individual home and how it uses energy
  • Launching with partners including Samsung, tado, PassivSystems and RolecEV
  • Customers will see savings on their energy bills and benefit from government incentives worth over £8,600

Challenger brandIgloo Energy today announces the launch of Igloo Works, its home services marketplace, offering products and services designed to help customers’ homes become smarter, more efficient and cheaper to run.

Launching this month, the marketplace will offer a range of intelligent connected home and energy solutions – hybrid heating, smart thermostats, EV charging and more – alongside partners including Samsung, tado, RolecEV and PassivSystems.

By really getting to know its customers’ homes and their energy consumption, Igloo can estimate how much a product will reduce their bills, before recommending it to them. The challenger brand is on a mission to save households money, so if a product won’t reduce bills, they will not recommend it. What’s more, if Igloo think’s that a customer will save on their bills by installing a product, they’ll back it up with their Energy Savings Guarantee, a no quibble approach to ensuring that customers really do see the savings they claim.

CEO and co-founder of Igloo Energy, Matt Clemow, says, “Since we launched in 2017, we’ve been providing our customers with insights on how they can reduce their energy consumption to drive down their bills. Through Igloo Works we’re now giving our customers more choice and opportunities to learn about their energy usage inside and outside the home.

“By using smart home technology, we’re putting customers back in control so they can make conscious decisions to reduce their usage, positively impacting the planet and lowering their bills.”

Smart thermostat

Heating homes forms the largest proportion of energy bills. Through Igloo Works, customers will be able to install a tado Smart Thermostat to reduce the amount of heat being wasted.

With tado, households can control their heating from their phones and receive notifications to turn the heating down, or off, when no one is in or if windows are open. To ensure homes stay warm, the thermostat will integrate weather information to control the indoor heating based on outside temperature, as well as help you to identify any climate issues, such as air quality and mould risk. Also check out Airbnb cleaning service

Hybrid Heating

By 2025 it will be illegal to install gas boilers in new build homes so Igloo Energy is offering customers hybrid heating to future proof their homes. 

Today, the vast majority of UK homes (85%) in the UK are heated by natural gas, but hybrid heating allows customers to heat their homes by using a combination of their existing boiler and Igloo’s highly efficient air source heat pump and smart controls. Once combined they create a heating system that uses less energy, cost less to run and is better for the environment – less oil and gas being used means a reduction in CO2.

Customers will be encouraged to have a Meter, Monitoring and Service Package (MMSP) installed. This ensures that the system is always working efficiently and customers will earn £1,610 from the government by having it. 

EV charging

Igloo Energy has released the Igloo Smart EV app so drivers can easily charge their cars, whilst reducing dirty emissions. 

Currently, most EV drivers have no control over the type of energy used to charge their vehicles as the National Grid is supplied by a combination of sources, including renewables and traditional dirtier sources. Through the app, drivers can track and control when their car is charging, whilst also reducing carbon emissions by an additional 20%.

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