The Tech behind the Online Slot Machine

Chrysty Miles
December 8, 2019

The last thing on a gambler’s mind is usually the technology behind the casino games they enjoy so much. After all, there is money at stake and a game to enjoy. However, technology is an important aspect of today’s gambling scene, especially slots that seem to have taken the world by storm. When playing slots, it is common to ask how the machine works because to win while playing slots relies wholly on randomness or chance. The first slot machine was built in the late 1890s, and it remains the baseline for today’s slot. The machine with up to 7 reels, 243 paylines, and unbelievable graphics still has some elements from the first machine with only three reels and some simple symbols. Below is some information regarding the tech that runs your favourite online slot:

Animations and graphics

The first thing that hits you when you launch a slot is most likely the graphics; are they crisp and dazzling, cartoonish and fun, or drab and obscure? Modern slots are built using digital art and animation tools. Using software, a graphics designer can model images, videos, and features that you see on your screen.

In the recent past, 2D animations were the norm, but with improved technology, more 3D animations have been noticed among the most popular slots. Unique software applications and new languages like HTML, Unity, and Twine have made it easier for gaming developers to design great slots.


Once the graphics and concepts are ready, the next step is to put them together into a slot. One of the most vital programs in any slot is the RNG or Random Number generator. The RNG is a tool that is built to ensure fair play by generating random numbers that are translated into spin results.

It used to be difficult to win a game, but today you can win up to ten times a session depending on the Hit Rate the programmers set. The most popular programming languages used by slots developers are Java, CSS, and HTML.

HTML 5 is especially popular as it enables you to play your favourite games without installing any extra add-ons to your browser and lets the slot games load quickly and easily.


It is impossible to talk about online gambling and slots and not mention security. Security comes in two ways; in terms of fair play and randomness of the game, and safety of the details you have online. The RNG mentioned earlier is responsible for the fairness of the game, and it should, therefore, be kept safe.

While playing online slots, it is impossible to determine the outcome of the RNG. Some of the technology used by casinos includes 128-bit SSL that keeps hackers away from the RNG and from accessing your personal and financial details. Casino operators know that they need to offer the utmost security to players’ personal and financial data and use the highest-end security systems to do so. Click here to see some of the safest payment processors that online casinos are using these days.

Multi-player functionality

Multiplayer functionality has extended from videogames to include slots because of the social aspect it brings to online gambling. Today, it is possible to wager against your buddies on your favourite slot games. Today’s slots offer a virtual room where up to 6 players can take turns at spinning the reels for a chance to win.

Music and soundtracks

Some casinos have the chatter of a land casino in their background while others have rock, jazz, or techno music playing. In the past, slots used to buzz to indicate a win, and the clinking sounds became monotonous and boring. With pop culture becoming part of our lives due to social media, pop music soon became a part of gaming. The music in the background of your slot will depend on its theme. Sound engineers have come up with ways to mimic scary, suspense, cartoonish, and merry tunes to match your slot theme.

Advances in technology

Since the early 1990s, slots have evolved rapidly with the advancement of technology. Slots are no longer a preserve of land casinos or desktop computers but mobile devices as well. Security, graphics, functionality, soundtracks, and general gameplay has improved drastically over the years.

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