• The Chinese vendor is also expecting a big dip in smartphone sales by 40m to 60m units this year

    Huawei has postponed the launch of the Mate X foldable smartphone until September to avoid similar problems Samsung has encountered with the Fold smartphone.

    The Mate X is expected to cost €2,299 and initially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February.

    However Samsung encountered some problems with its Samsung Fold earlier this year with a number of reviewers complaining of breaks, bulges and blinking screens.

    Huawei were initially expected to launch the Mate X this summer but have opted towards a more “cautious” approach to ensure the foldable phone is ready for consumers and have carried out extensive tests.

    A Huawei spokesperson told CNBC “We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation.”

    Following the ongoing dispute with the US and its restriction to Google services Huawei is anticipating a drop in sales between 40 and 60 million units.

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