• OnePlus CEO Carl Pei has today confirmed that the company’s latest handset, the OnePlus 5, will be available in Australia through a soft launch program.

    The announcement was given in true OnePlus fashion, using the official forum as a direct medium of contact. The company still primarily communicates with its fans via the forum and social media tools, despite stepping up its external advertising efforts. Pei did not give any concrete dates of when this launch would happen but did hint that they would be testing the market in ‘coming weeks’, meaning fans shouldn’t need to wait too long.

    The full message which Pei Posted on the forum can be read below:

    carl pei

    OnePlus has always been very careful about global domination. The company has been incredibly gradual in its expansion, with the UK only getting the device last September. O2 signed an exclusive deal to stock the OnePlus 5 handset, whereas previously you could only source devices through the invite-only system over at OnePlus.net. The China announcement will surely please fans down under who have been desperate to get their hands on the latest flagship, boasting the best hardware of any OnePlus to date. This includes a Snapdragon 835 processor and up to 8GB RAM.

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