• The litany of apps now available has unveiled a whole host of new ways we can use our everyday tech to maximise our holiday experiences. The need for innovation and an increase in better user experience has moved the mobile phone device to something more than a channel of communication but an essential everyday tool to survive, especially when abroad.

    For example, apps such as Uber and Airbnb have proven crucial for tourists trying to get around in unfamiliar territories. It can also be very cost-effective knowing the right apps to use when spending on transport, food and accommodation.

    Below is a list of some of the best apps to save money whilst abroad:

    Viber is the ultimate and essential travel tech companion and has some of the best features among other messaging apps for travellers, the app allows you to make free Viber-to-Viber calls and in case you’d like to make a call to someone without an internet connection or to a landline, you’ll be able to use Viber Out’s low-cost calling service.

    Viber Local Number is a useful service that offers great value inbound calls. Users are able to add a local phone number in another country where friends and family can reach them as though they are at home, wherever they are in the world!

    Viber also provides an in-chat translation feature, which allows users to translate a text message sent to them in either one-on-one chats, group chats, Public Chats and Communities. All users have to do is tap on their received message and it will be translated back into their Viber default language of choice. However, users can also choose to translate it into another language. Viber’s translation feature is essential for travellers who wish to be a part of every conversation.

    Being uncertain of how much you’re spending can be a very common occurrence whilst away. The app allows you to capture live exchange rates and helps you to keep tabs on what you’re spending in the currency a user might be more familiar with. Don’t make the mistake of conflicting euros and pounds!

    This app has almost revolutionised spending abroad given it is a fully-fledged mobile-only bank. With no fees for spending abroad being its most enticing feature, the app allows users to set budgets and see a graphical breakdown of all their spending. It can be quite handy for those keen to not overspend and regularly monitoring their outlay.

    The app is solely designed to manage how much you’re saving using sophisticated algorithms and with access to their user’s spending history, it can automatically put money away depending on your preferences for a holiday or towards a car.

    Known as one of the biggest disrupters to the accommodation market, the platform is the go-to app for tourists looking for a place to stay instead of going to a hotel. Many have become fond of it due to guests getting good value accommodation at a huge range of price margins, from a few pounds a night to hundreds and often in prime locations where a normal hotel would cost infinitely more.

    There aren’t many bigger barriers tourists run into than encountering language issues. Described as the ‘personal interpreter’ everyone needs, the app allows users to better communicate translating key terms and phrases whilst on their travels and at no cost. Automated features like holding your camera up to text – such as a sign, allows Google to translate its meaning for users

    Known as one of the leading resource tools for selecting destinations and price comparisons but it can also be ideal when selecting where to go next or saving money on a return flight. With more travellers opting against booking return flights at once, the app locates the most affordable and best options via its travel partners and provides updates when the price changes.

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